Name Hdpe pipe punch
Color Silver
Origin China, Italy
Uses in hdpe pipes, ldpe pipes, PVC pipes
Size 16mm
Durability 2 years to 5 years under good maintenance
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Hdpe plastic punch 12 mm

Hdpe plastic punch is used in making holes along the submain line usually Hdpe pipes.

It is used to fixed the starters and the drip take offs of the same dimensions. Hdpe punch comes in various colors and models other than illustrated above.

These irrigation tools are very useful where there is no electricity since it has circular sharp metallic ends that is used to punch into irrigation sub main lines.

These Hdpe  punch require some energy to push the cutting edge deep into the Hdpe pipe. the punch makes the  holes  which are of the same nominal diameter as the take offs and starters.

Functions of Hdpe  punch

  • making holes into Hdpe pipe to fix takeoffs and starters
  • removing of unwanted takeoffs and starters extensions

Other irrigation tools related to Hdpe punch

This punch are highly related to irrigation tools like starters, takeoffs and drip valves. These tools are of the same diameters with the punch therefore whenever a Hdpe punch is touched, the mentioned tools must accompany the tool.

Takeoff connectors drip fitting


These drip fittings that are used to connect two different sections of drip and the water supply lines. They come in different designs and colors. Most of these takeoff connectors are complete with black or may have a blue lock or yellow color. Standard drip takeoff connector can sustain a working pressure of up to 16 bars but most of the systems of irrigation work best at a pressure of three bars and below.

The working pressure of the takeoff connectors is very critical since it determines the type of drip line to be used. The high working pressure of the takeoff connector requires a pressure compensated drip line rather than an uncompensated pressured drip line.

Drip takeoff connectors come in various sizes depending on the types of drip lines or drip tapes available in the market. But the known available drip tape sizes are the 12mm and 16mm nominal diameters

Takeoff connectors are commonly used with competent irrigation equipment like drip start connectors grommet rubbers and the pipe punches.

Pipe punch is used to make holes on sub-main lines. For the takeoffs to be correctly installed with little or no leakages, the grommet rubbers of different diameters are installed before takeoffs to seal the drilled holes in the sub mainline.

The connectors can be used together with riser. Riser is the pipe that connects underground water supply (main line) to drip tape.

Furthermore, when installing the takeoff, first take into consideration of the supply pipe diameter. In smaller pipe diameters, takeoff tends to block the water from reaching the other end of the pipe. Therefore, it is advisable to use the larger pipe diameters to prevent these challenges.

Uses of drip takeoff connector as irrigation equipment

  • It is used to connect or match the drip line/drip tape to the water supply pipe.
  • Used to connect polyethylene of 16 mm together with drip start connector to the mainline.

Properties of Hdpe drip takeoff connectors.

  • Easy to connect and disconnect to both drip line.
  • Highly resistant to UV rays.
  • Commonly used with Low Density Polyethylene Pipes (LDPE) and High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE).
  • Internal diameters of 16 millimeters to 0.75 inch.
  • Made of polyethylene material.


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