Threaded male adapter


The compression adapter is characterized by toughness, ductility and they provide a sound
joint able to withstand pipeline expansion and contraction and other stresses

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Compression Hdpe Male Adapter

HDPE male adapter is a compression fitting. HDPE male adopter is used to connect lock end of HDPE pipe with other threaded irrigation tools. The fitting comes in different sizes depending on the size of the pipe and the pressure of the fitting which may vary. The use of the HDPE male adapter is therefore critical in any Hdpe pipe connection.

Male compression adapter has a pressure nominal (PN) of 16 to pressure nominal of 25. The pressure nominal (PN) is the working pressures of the materials and it also identifies the strength of the material. The larger the pressure nominal number, the stronger the material.

Currently, most Hdpe compression male adapter are made of plastics (polymers). This type of material reduces the effects of corrosion. Corrosion may compromise the water quality which is an essential factor in irrigation.

Nominal sizes may range from 20 millimeters to 91 millimeters as the commonly used plastic Hdpe compression adapters in irrigation fields.

Unlike female adapters Hdpe compression male adapters have external threads on their necks to make them compatible with other irrigation tools. They go in hand with internally threaded water filters, tank connectors, .e.t.c.

Compression male adaptors have caps, O rings, clinching rings, blocking bush and the body to make them compatible with other irrigation tools. Most complete compression male adapters are used to connect Hdpe or Lpde fittings like pipesthreaded water filters, tank connectors, .e.t.c.


Function of the Hdpe compression male adapter 

The main function of the plastic Hdpe compression adapter is to connect Hdpe pipes of different sizes to give it a Y shape, L shape lines. However, by doing this, the pressure is built-up within a constricted/bent surface area. This, therefore, generates dynamic pressure (Pushing effect) inside the pipe which helps by pushing water with a higher velocity.

The compression adapter is characterized by toughness, ductility and they provide a sound
joint able to withstand pipeline expansion and contraction and other stresses though this may not be the only method to reduce stress, it’s among the most effective.

The plastic reduced adapters are usually accompanied with the threads, O rings, grippers to give it strength for it to be compatible with other irrigation components.

In conclusion, the best way to select the best plastic adapter is first to know your water driving force. This force also is known as pressure may be either a water pump or natural gravity depending on the general slope of the land.

The water driving force will ensure that the right compression adapter PN is selected and incorporated with other equipment that is used for irrigation hence delivering high efficiency.

The table below shows the parts, material and the color of the Hdpe compression male adapter.

The parts of Hdpe compression male adapter.
Mark Part Name Material Color
A Cap High quality polypropylene Blue/green/black
B Clinching Ring Acetyl resin White
C Blocking Bush High quality polypropylene Black
D “O” Ring Gasket  rubber Black
E Body High quality polypropylene


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