Diesel winch for sale in Kenya
Diesel winch for sale in Kenya

The powering of diesel winch for lifting and shifting tools rotates the reel by means of a drive unit. They are usually used outdoor where electric supplier is not available. Moreover, the diesel winch do need the generator, which make them an ideal solution for lifting and pulling loads in remote areas with little electric supply.

It makes use of motor which control the frequency converter. There are two systems driving the rotation, a belt drive and a shaft drive. This provides a way to transport heavy materials vertically, horizontally or on an incline.

Uses of diesel operated winches.

  • Diesel engine winch is mainly  for powering the transmission project including underground power cable engineering, telecommunications engineering construction tower erection, the traction cable, tighten the wire, lifting weights and tools especially suitable for small batch operations.
  • Used in building and public works mainly used for hoisting, drag-and-drop, loading cargos, such as all kinds of large concrete construction, steel constructions installation and disassembly.
  • It is suitable for bridge port and road and bridge engineering and large factories and mines engineering equipment installation.
  • The diesel engine winch is light in weight and is especially suitable for use in field power-free locations.
  • in a power source, any model of the diesel winch and motor power are applicable .


Design Components of diesel powered winches.

The winch system consists of the following sub-components which include Winch cable,  Gimbal sheave Main drum Main drive , braked motor and gearbox Hydraulic disc brake,  Auxiliary motor and gear drive,  Back-up generator , Control cabinet and system Balloon mooring system.

  • The Winch cable

The winch cable is usually 22 mm diameter, low rotation, made of steel wire rope, with a minimum breaking load of about 45 tons. The cable is wrapped around the drum with the fixed end secured to the drum flange with cable clamps. A 30cm diameter disc is attached around the cable and positioned 70cm down from the neck of the spelter socket termination.

  • Gimbal Sheave

 The gimbal sheave is mounted with the cable outlet located at the centre of the site and directly below the centre of the balloon. The gimbal pulley guides the cable from the static winch to the mobile balloon.

  • The Winch capstan Drum

The winch drum is approximately 1.5 -2 m diameter with a cable wrap length of 4.8 m for each revolution.

The barrel of the drum is grooved to accept the full 180 m length of rope in one layer that ensures constant speed and wear.

One drum flange is used as a brake disc for the caliper brake, the other flange is used as a ring gear for the auxiliary drive.

The drum rotates at a normal speed 10.0 rpm, equivalent to about 35metres/minute of cable travel. The drum shaft is fitted with an encoder to measure drum speed.

A counter operating on the drum flange monitors the drum speed. The capstan drums helps to increase the versatility of the Diesel Hydraulic Winch.

It also enable operational staff to pull rope external to the winch drum assembly. The capstan does not limit the length of cable the drum will hold, or the length of the pull.

  • Main Drive Motor and Gearbox Unit

The main drive motor, brake and gearbox are assembled as an integrated unit driving directly onto the drum shaft at 90º.

The normal motor that is commonly used is of 37 kW, 3-phase unit, powered through a drive system that controls speed and ride height.

The motor is fitted with a spring which is automatically engaged at the end of the ascent or descent cycle, or in case of power failure, or an emergency stop.

  • Hydraulic Disc Brake

The fail-safe hydraulic brake acts directly on the drum flange. The brake caliper applies brake pads onto the flange disc to stop the drum rotating. The brake is automatic through  application of  a mechanical spring force.

  • The Auxiliary Motor or Gear Drive

The auxiliary drive geared motor is located behind the drum at the opposite end of the frame. The motor is a 7.5 kW 3 phase unit with a normal motor speed of 1430 rpm and an output speed of 20 rpm at the gearbox drive shaft.

Auxiliary Generator

This is normally located in the winch housing, but can also be located elsewhere on the site if local regulations dictate. in an indoor the exhaust gas must be vented outside to atmosphere. In case of mains power failure the generator is vital to the recovery of the balloon. An automated battery charger must be permanently on site and the battery state monitored. A fire extinguisher must be accessible. A full container of fuel must be on site at all times and stored outside winch housing.

  • The Bilge Pump

A bilge pump is required to remove any water that collects in the winch housing. The pump is located in the well in the lowest corner of the housing. The pump should be powered from the mains electrical supply, automatically activated by a float switch.

  • The Base frame

Base frame is design to fully accommodate the power pack unit and winch drum assembly of heavy duty construction material of cast iron steel.

That is design to withstand all the associated dynamic forces of an operational winch without the additional support of external structures. It has designed securing points to secure the winch during operations.

Furthermore, it has positioned holes in base to bolt structure down, that can be secured via chains, bolts and counter weight. It also has Fork lift tine slots for lifting.

  • Overhead wire feeder

This is a mechanism that consists of a hydraulic cylinder positioned above the winch drum, that guides the rope onto the drum via rollers. The hydraulic cylinder  rotates between 40 degrees above and below the horizontal of a full winch drum. This technology enables operators to load rope onto drums without having to feed it through spooling devices.

  • The Control unit

This is the point of control of the whole operation of the winch machine. It contains the control switches, monitoring system and various gauges. It allows operator to position loads accurately and quickly. The housing of the control switch permits operators to work in a natural, comfortable posture that is easy and fatigue-free. It allows operation from a safer location, eliminates visual restrictions, and operator can concentrate more fully on the loading process. Moreover, it enables the electrical control to incorporate many safety features preventing injuries and abuse of machinery.

The Silent features of diesel powered winch.

  • Diesel powered winch is suitable for workplaces without power supply.
  • They are small size and compact structure.
  •  Are Light  in weight and movement at any time to change the work site is easy.
  • Safe and reliable, with interlock braking device, emergency braking.
  • They are simple in operation.
  • lifting and pulling both vertically and horizontally is easier.

Design specifications of diesel powered winch.

  • They have a rope capacity of 100-3600m.
  • The wire rope diameter range between 9-65mm.
  • The diesel engine power range 3-160kw.
  • The total weight of the machine is 270-46000kg.
  • The rated traction load is 15-50KN.
  • Driven by belt drive sand shaft drive belts methods.
  • The machine capacity is 0.5 – 5tons.
  • They have wind drum motor type.


The working principle of diesel operated winch.

The motor drives a rotating drum, which operates the driving shaft, and the shaft drives a planetary gear generating a strong torque. The various parts of a winch come together to make it work.


Petrol winch for sale in Kenya
Petrol winch for sale in Kenya

They are applicable in intense cold or heat. A 4-stroke gas engine will deliver dependable power for as long as you need to use it. Its light in weight ( about16kgs), thus makes it easy to bring wherever you need to pull something, whatever it is.

They are also durable and trouble-free four-cycle engine.

Gasoline powered winch can be taken anywhere and is particularly useful for forestry and industrial applications for pulling heavy loads.

The tethering of portable gasoline winch to any solid object be it a tree, post, rock or even the ball hitch of your vehicle.

The gasoline Winch is up to 4 times faster than electric winches with a speed of up to 40 inches / min or 12 m / min.

The Honda four stroke engine means there is no oil and gas mixing. It accommodates any length of double-braid polyester rope between 10mm to 16mm. The ideal rope for this winch is 12mm/½inch.

Design specification of gasoline powered winch.

Petrol winch for sale in Kenya
Petrol winch for sale in Kenya
  • The gear box is of an aluminum alloy of 3-stage spur gears.
  • ball bearings and lubricating oil used on gears.
  • The gear ratio stands at 110:1.
  • The brake has anti-reversing roller clutch bearing.
  • The rope length is unlimited.
  • The rope has a minimum breaking strength of about 22tons.
  • The diameter of the rope stands at 10-13mm and is of polyester sling of dimension 60mm by 2m.
  • The design of the gasoline winch gives it a life span of about 5years and above.
  • The average sizes of gasoline winch are 38cm by 37cm by 36cm.
  • The gasoline winch has total weight of 16kgs.
  • The machine operates at speed range of 12m/min – 18m/min depending on the diameter of the drum.
  • The machine has pulling capacity of 1500kg/min -2000kg/min depending on the diameter of the winch drum.
  • The winch operates at direct drive since it has no clutch.
  •  unleaded gasoline fuel is good for powering.
  • The motor 4-stroke air cooled type is applicable.
  • The motor has 1.6-2.0KW with 2.5 Hp and rotates at 7000turns/minute.
  • The capstan drum is  of stainless steel material.


The winch dealers in Kenya.

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General maintenance of the winches.

  • All the wire rope on coiling block should neatly arranged, once the overlap and crossing takes place, the related operator should turn off this machine and replace this wire rope in time.
  • The operators shouldn’t pull or stamp steel rope when a diesel winch is working. At the same time, they shouldn’t let this wire rope out totally; there should be reserve three rounds at least.
  • During the diesel winch working, anyone is prohibiting to cross the wire rope. On the break time, the substance or ladder should be fall to ground.
  • During working hours, the cable and signalman should always keep good vision to these materials lifted. All the related workers should work together according to the sign seriously.
  • All the controls operate using a single control lever.