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The main function of the plastic reduced socket is to increase the pressure by reducing the surface area of the piping system.

Use to connect the hdpe and ldpe components of irrigation like pipes, 

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The plastic reduced socket as irrigation equipment is major irrigation equipment. The connectors may be use in pipes, filters and gate valves.

More so  the connecters must have the thread in order to be compatible with the tool. Thus the person in charge of irrigation(technician) must take into consideration of the location application of the tool.

The socket is often use in areas that require the connection point.

Reduced plastic socket of internal threads.

Plastic reduced sockets as irrigation equipment, have pressure nominal. (PN)This is the working pressure of the materials. Pressure nominal Identify the strength of the pipe. The larger the pressure nominal number, the stronger the material. It ranges between  PN 2  to PN 25.

Currently, most reduced sockets are made of plastics. This type of material reduce the effects of corrosion. Corrosion may compromise the water quality which is an essential factor in irrigation. Reduced sockets are mostly determined by their nominal diameter( inside diameter).

Nominal sizes may range from 20 millimeters to 91 millimeters as the commonly used plastic reduced sockets in irrigation firms.


The main function of the plastic reduced socket is to increase the pressure by reducing the surface area of the piping system. However, By doing this, the pressure is built-up within a constricted surface area. This, therefore, generates dynamic pressure. (pushing effect) inside the pipe. hence pressure helps by pushing water with a higher velocity.

Joint able to withstand pipeline expansion and contraction and other stresses. though this may not be the only method to reduce stress, it’s among the most effective.

The plastic reduced sockets are usually coupled with the threads to give it strength this is because it has to be compatible with other irrigation components that have eternal threads like filter or nipples.

In conclusion, the best way to select the best plastic reduced socket is first to know your water driving force.

For the best installation of the plastic reduced socket get advice from an irrigation technician or agricultural engineer.  these professionals will help make informed decisions.


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