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Irrigation Water Filters

Irrigation water filters are the agricultural tools that are placed in within the main water supply system for irrigation. The water filters are commonly used where clear irrigation water system is to be employed.

As the rule of thumb, clear irrigation system requires clear water free from debris. This debris when allowed into the main water supply line, they cause the blockages of these drip emitters.

This is the major reason why irrigation water filters must be included into any drip or micro sprinkler irrigation system or any irrigation system which requires clear water.

Types of the water irrigation filters

  1. Disc filters (automatic self cleaning and manual cleaning)
  2. Screen filters (automatic self cleaning and manual cleaning)
  3. T- Filters commonly used in drinking water filtration.
  4. Hydro-cyclone centrifugal sand separators
  5. Media filter water
  6. Manual steel filters and .e.t.c

According to the researchers from experts like Eunidrip Irrigation Systems, the commonly used irrigation filters are disc screen filters. More ever these filters are used by small to medium farmers. Thus from the research, the mostly stocked types of filters are screen and disc filters.

These filters work with the assistance of either mesh or discs of fewer microns. But the choice of these filters depends with the:

  • Source of water- most water for irrigation systems required are generally clean water to avoid the blockages of drip emitters.
  • Type of crop to be grown- type of crop or plant dictates the amount of water that is required per season. Thus the correct choice of filter will determine the pressure and the quantity of water to be delivered to the crops.
  • Planting medium. Under planting medium, some individuals may prefer cocoa peat, soil, liquid solution or sugar cane bagasse. These media will demand type of filter to be used.

Importance of water irrigation filters

  1. Extends the life span of irrigation equipment like drip line and sprinklers.
  2. Matches all the irrigation filtration conditions
  3. They are relatively cheap as compared to other filtration tools.

Maintenance of irrigation filters

Irrigation filters are the center core of any irrigation that requires clear water. For good and extended lifespan of:

  1. Do the flushing at the schedule time like after every two weeks to remove loaded dirty particles in the filters
  2. Flushing can be done by opening the drain valve located at the top of the filter. This will allow the water pressure built within the filter housing to push out the dirt.
  3. For the metallic filters, protect them from the contact with acids to avoid corrosion.
  4. Return the drain valve after ensuring the clogged disc or screen filter is clean.



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