seed planting Tray [coco peat] In Kenya


The  capacities of germination/planting seed  trays available are the 100-holes trays 108- holes trays, 200 -hole trays, 208- hole trays, 288 hole trays and so on to fit various growth capacities.

Germination/planting trays are used together with coco peat medium to reduce the high chances of soil born diseases.

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Seed planting tray

Propagation Seed germination tray/planting is a structure made up of plastic or hard paper materials. Normally use in  holding  numerous seeds from the germination stage up to transplanting stage.

Majority of Seed germination/planting trays come in various sizes and seed planting capacity.

The available germination seed  tray capacity in the market are the 108, 200, 208, 288 hole trays.

the listed holes/cells are to fit various growth capacities depending on plant purpose.

Germination seed/planting trays come in different color codes ranging from black to brown.  But the color code does not affect the functionality of these trays. Seed trays utilize bio-gradable media materials.

The bio-gradable materials available in the market may include: sugar cane bagasse, cocoa peat pumice (made from the coconut husk), rice husks .e.t.c.

These media used in seed germination trays are highly treated to minimize the spread and growth of micro-organism or pathogens that causes the plant diseases.

More over Seed germination trays comes with the beneficial structures like heating surfaces with humidifiers .These modifications help in fastening or speeding up the growth rate of the seeds.

Importance of planting seed trays

  • Very economical and accurate since one can monitor the seeds dropped in the cup shaped holes.
  • Seed trays have good water holding capacity and good drainage thus strong and healthy seedlings.
  • Easier transplanting of the seedlings
  • Relatively cheap since some of these trays made of plastics may be reused.

How to use the seed planting trays

  1. Sprinkle water into the surface and sides of the cell tray, cupped shaped hole of the planting tray.
  2. Fill the holes to either ¼ or a ½ (half) mark depending with type of the seeds to be planted.
  3. Add the seeds on top of the either ¼ or ½ mark according to the instructions given by the seed supplier or the agrovet attendant
  4. Ones the seed have been carefully dropped, top up the remaining height of the holes with more media and using your thump, firm the surface of the holes.
  5. Sprinkle more water on to the surface and take the seed trays together with the seed to warm and lit areas waiting for the seed germination.

NB: most media are treated with nutrients thus there is no need to add more nutrients unless stated.



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