Onion irrigation

Eunidrip Irrigation Systems is among the best suppliers of onion rip irrigation kit in the country. Onions are crops that are sensitive to the amount of water they receive. They have shallow roots that require constant and regulated amounts of water. Too much water will result in fungal diseases and rot, whereas too little water will cause a decrease in quality and onion size. Onions need about 2.4 cm of water once per week for optimum yields. Drip irrigation is the best way to apply water to the onions.

Components of onion drip irrigation kit

Onion rip irrigation kit components are:

  1. The pipe network – this piping network delivers water from the tank to the drip lines. The pipes can be PVC or HDPE pipes. HDPE pipes are more suitable for systems with pipes on the surface since they are UV-treated.
  2. Drip tapes – drip tapes have equally spaced emitters along their lengths. Onions use drip tapes having an emitter spacing of 20 cm. It would be best to use three drip lines per bed in onion growing.
  3. Water filters – filters help remove contaminants from the irrigation water. Emitters are sensitive to the quality of water and particles can cause them to clog. Water filters available for use in your irrigation unit are disc and screen filters. At Eunidrip, we have professional staff that can guide you when selecting your filter.
  4. Fittings and accessories – an onion drip irrigation kit uses fittings made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or high-density polyethene (HDPE). Our staff can guide you in selecting the accessories you will need. Some of the fittings you will need in such a system are couplings, elbows, tees, saddle clamps, adaptors, and end caps.
  5. 16 mm HDPE fittings – these fittings consist of 16mm tees, elbows, end caps, starter connectors, off-takes, and drip to drip connectors. You use them on connections involving the drip tape.
  6. Tank – the tank stores water for irrigation at a raised height. The base should be strong enough to support the weight of the tank. The size of the tank will depend on the area to be irrigated.
  7. Fertigation system – this arrangement composes of a tank, venturi injector, and some fittings. The main purpose of this system is to deliver diluted fertiliser to the main pipe of the drip system.

Advantages of using drip irrigation on your onions.

  1. There are reduced pumping costs since the system uses water efficiently.
  2. Improved crop health – the onions get the right amount of water and nutrients ensuring high quality and quantity yields.
  3. The labour costs incurred when hiring people to water your onions are reduced.
  4. Drip irrigation delivers water to the root zone of the onions helping in controlling weed growth.
  5. The fertigation system helps avoid the harmful effects of fertiliser overuse. Examples of the harmful effects are pollution of underground water sources, acidification of the soil, and toxic build-up of harmful metals in the soil.

At Eunidrip, we offer supply, design, and install full onion drip irrigation kits for our clients. Interested customers can make purchases through our online shop or our physical shop located at George Morara Road, Nakuru town.  In case of any inquiry, you can contact us on 0728163329.