Rain hose irrigation uses a flexible hose with small holes to deliver water to your crops. The pipe is UV treated making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Rain hose manufacturers use nano punching technology to make the holes on the pipe. The rain hose can emit water at a uniform rate at every pore. At Eunidrip Irrigation Systems, we have rain hoses with diameters of 32, 40, and 50 mm. Each rain hose irrigates in opposite direction at varying radii. The wetting radius of the 32, 40, and 50 mm rain hoses are 3, 5, and 7 meters respectively.

Rain hose irrigation is suitable for short crops or crops in nurseries. You should not use this irrigation method for crops prone to fungal infections when their leaves are exposed to water. Examples of such crops are lettuce, beans, chili, tomatoes, etc.

Some of the advantages of using this irrigation method are:

  1. This irrigation method is cheaper than other methods of overhead irrigation.
  2. They are easy to install and maintain.
  3. It requires less capital to start than drip irrigation.
  4. They can cover wide areas.

Components of a rain hose irrigation kit

The components of the rain hose irrigation kit are:

  1. Endcaps – to seal off the rain hose ends.
  2. Starter connectors – you use them to connect the rain hose to the main water line.
  3. Mini valves – you use them in place of starter connectors to connect the rain hose to the main water line.
  4. Pipe connectors – to join the rain hoses.

Rain hose irrigation layout procedure.

The first step is to lay down the main pipe from the pump or tank on the farm. In the next step, you make holes on the main pipe depending on the location you want your rain hose. The diameter of the hole should be guided by the size of starter connectors or mini valves. Place the starter connectors or mini valves on the holes and connect the rain hose to them. Use pipe connectors to join two rain hoses if need be. Finally, close off the rain hose ends with an endcap.

Rain hose pipe sizes and prices

At Eunidrip Irrigation Systems, we offer the best quality rain hose pipes for your farm. We pride ourselves on providing satisfactory services and high-quality products to clients. We sell rain hose irrigation components to farmers who would like to individually assemble the parts, but we recommend having an experienced professional set up the system for you. Our prices are customer and pocket-friendly, feel free to contact us on 0728163329.  The prices of available rain hose pipes in our shop are:


Rain hose size (mm) Wetting radius (m) Length (m) Cost per 100 m
32 3 100 KES. 3,700
40 5 100 KES. 4,700
50 7 100 KES. 5,700

Interested farmers can purchase our products at our shop located at George Morara Road, Nakuru town, or through our online shop. We make sure your products will arrive in the best condition for purchases made through our online shop.