Greenhouses are structures that help farmers control the growing environment of the crops. These structures can either be made from wood, plastic, or steel. Eunidrip irrigation systems is a company renowned for its quality steel greenhouses. These greenhouses can be automated, increasing the efficiency of operations. Factors that you can control automatically inside the greenhouse include temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, water, pests, light, and nutrients.  

Greenhouse Steel Structures

Selection of the size and design of steel greenhouses.

Two major factors determine the size of the greenhouse you select, i.e., the space available and the cost. Large greenhouses will need more money than small greenhouses. The smallest greenhouse we can build measures 4 m by 5 m. The available steel greenhouse designs are saw tooth, gable, raised dome, flat arch, and tunnel. The designs vary depending on the outcomes you desire inside the greenhouse. Our staff can easily advise you on which design to use for your greenhouse. 

Why should you choose steel greenhouses over wood greenhouses?

The following are reasons why you should choose our steel greenhouses;

  1. Steel-framed greenhouses are not affected by rotting or termite attacks.
  2. Steel has high strength, meaning you can use smaller pieces than in wood greenhouses. 
  3. These greenhouses last for a long time.
  4. They are easy to maintain. 
  5. The steel frame uses small elements, reducing shade in the greenhouse.

Steel greenhouses materials

You will need the following material to build your steel greenhouses.

  1. Greenhouse covering – you should use greenhouse polythene since it is cheap and easy to repair. The greenhouse polythene can be clear or yellow-green.  
  2. Profiles and wires hold the greenhouse polythene tightly on the frame.
  3. Tapping screws – you need these to bolt the profiles to the steel frame. 
  4. Steel pipes – to form the frame of the entire greenhouse.
  5. Locks – to lock the greenhouse door.
  6. Concrete – for strengthening the greenhouse foundation.
  7. Insect net – to allow air into the greenhouse while keeping insects away.
  8. Drip irrigation kit – this kit supplies water to your crops. 

Cost of steel greenhouses

The cost of steel greenhouses depends on the size of the greenhouse. At Eunidrip, we design, supply, and install steel greenhouses at the following charges. 

Greenhouse construction costs
Size Steel greenhouses 
8 m × 15 m KES 200,000
8 m × 20 m KES 235,000
8 m × 24 m KES 255,000
8 m × 30 m KES 300,000
8 m × 40 m KES 480,000
8 m × 48 m KES 500,000
16 m × 24 m KES 500,000
16 m × 30 m KES 550,000
16 m × 40 m KES 890,000

These charges cater to the materials and labour of the whole structure. The charges also account for a drip irrigation kit. We have a professional staff that can advise and build steel greenhouses suitable for you. You can purchase items through our online shop or our physical shop located at George Morara Road, Nakuru town. Contact us on 0728331629 in case of any assistance.