Tomatoes demand lots of water to achieve maximum yield, and drip irrigation is the best way to supply the required amounts. Eunidrip Irrigation Systems is among the leading tomato drip irrigation suppliers in the country. Our high-quality drip irrigation kit will help you deliver the appropriate amounts of water reducing wastage. The kit we offer also comes equipped with a fertigation unit, which will help you deliver the right quantity of nutrients to the plants. We have qualified technicians who can customise the irrigation layout depending on your farm. 


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Components of tomato drip irrigation kit

Our tomato drip irrigation kit comes equipped with:

  1. 30 cm spacing dripline – tomatoes are normally spaced 30 cm from each other and this dripline is the best for the job. The size of the dripline will depend on your farm size.
  2. 16 mm HDPE fittings – these fittings include elbows, tees, end caps, starter connectors, drip to drip connectors, and rubbers. The number of pieces to purchase depend on the number of drip lines you have.
  3. HDPE pipes – the size of pipe to choose from depends on the size of the farm. Our HDPE pipes come in sizes of 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, and 90 mm.
  4. Water filter – you must use a filter together with your drip irrigation to avoid emitter clogging. You can use either disc or screen filters in your system. Disc filters are more appropriate for large water flows while screen filters are suitable for small to medium flows. The main pipe diameter determines the size of the filter you will need. 
  5. Water tank – You should install your water tank on the highest point of the farm and on a raised platform. This will help create enough pressure to deliver the water by gravity. The size of the water tank will depend on the size of the farm. 
  6. Fertigation system – a small water tank and a venturi injector make up the fertigation unit. 
  7. HDPE fittings – these fittings help in joining the pipes together on the farm. They include saddle clamps, tees, couplings, elbows, adaptors, and end caps. The size and number will depend on the design.

Why our drip irrigation kit is the best for your tomatoes.

Tomatoes are sensitive plants that need to be taken care of carefully to avoid losses in yields. Our tomato drip irrigation kit will help you secure your investment by reducing the errors in water and nutrient supply. Other advantages that you get when using trickle irrigation on your farm are:

  1. Improved health – your tomatoes will be protected from diseases caused by excessive water.
  2. Reduced pumping and fertilizer costs.
  3. A decrease in weed growth.
  4. There will be a decrease in the labour requirements. 
  5. Time-saving.

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