Birds can be a nuisance to your crops on the farm, or in your home. Eunidrip irrigation systems bird nets are affordable and will help you control these pests. Our bird nets are capable of controlling up to 100% of the birds. 

Features of bird nets


Some of the features of bird nets include:

  1. They are ultraviolet treated assuring the farmer there will be no damage from the sun.
  2. They come either in green, black, or white. White bird nets help reflect away the sun’s radiation and also assist control insects on a small level. Green bird nets camouflage with the plants. 
  3. Our bird nets come in standard widths of 4 metres
  4. The holes in the nets are large. 

Factors to consider when selecting a bird net

There are two main factors you should consider when selecting a bird net. These are the size of birds you are keeping out, and the purpose of the net. Smaller birds will need bird nets with small holes. Always go for a small mesh bird net in case you are not sure of the bird species you are keeping out. Bird nets with large holes are more appropriate for areas with strong winds. 

Application of Eunidrip Irrigation Systems bird nets

Bird net use is not restricted on the farm alone. There are various places you can use them. Some of the applications of bird nets include;

  1. In fish ponds – Birds are natural predators of fish. It is best to cover your fishpond with a bird net to avoid predation. 
  2. On the farms – many birds prefer to feed on the fruits of most crops, e.g., strawberries, passion fruits, plums, etc. Install a bird net around your farm to prevent damage to your products on the farm.
  3. Greenhouse – you should place your bird net on the greenhouse sides to prevent bird entry. These greenhouses usually don’t have insect netting on the side. 
  4. Building protection – prevents birds from flying inside.
  5. Mining ponds – mining companies use chemicals to extract minerals from rocks. These chemicals are harmful to living organisms. You should use bird nets to prevent birds’ exposure to the chemicals. 

Benefits of Eunidrip Irrigation Systems bird nets

  1. Eunidrip irrigation systems bird nets offer a humane and effective way of controlling birds. 
  2. The bird net installation can be customised to meet your application area.
  3. Bird nets are ultraviolet treated guaranteeing you a service life longer than 3 years.
  4. It is a cost-effective way of controlling birds.
  5. These bird nets don’t block light from entering your building or greenhouse.

We have a professional team that can advise you on the appropriate bird net to use. You can purchase our bird nets from our shop located at George Morara Road, Nakuru town, or via our online shop. Our website is easy to navigate, and we can assure you your goods will be delivered on time. In case of any inquiry, you can contact us on 0728331629