Pawpaw irrigation




Pawpaws are nutritious fruits rich in vitamins that do well in areas receiving an average rainfall of about 1000 mm per year. It is best to use irrigation to supplement the rainfall in areas with insufficient rainfall. The three methods you can use for pawpaw irrigation are rain hose irrigation, rain gun sprinklers, and button dripper irrigation. Pawpaw irrigation using a rain hose is very useful when the plants are in the nursery. The rain hose delivers the required amounts of water and nutrients to the young plants. The rain gun sprinkler is also an effective way of watering pawpaws. However, the rain gun sprinkler uses a lot of water, and you will need a pump to achieve the required water pressures. The addition of a pump means increased operating costs.

At Eunidrip, we advise farmers to use button dripper irrigation for their pawpaws. Fully grown pawpaws need an average of 4.5 liters of water in a week. Button drips can deliver water up to a rate of 60 litres per hour, making them suitable for pawpaw irrigation. Adjustable button drippers enable you to control the discharge to the plants. We sell button drippers at a cost of KES 25 per piece, and the drippers are easy to fit into the 16 mm HDPE pipe.

Components of a pawpaw button drip irrigation system.

  1. The mainline and submain line – the mainline transports water from the tank to the submain line. The diameter of the mainline is usually larger than the other pipes in the system. The submain line delivers water from the main pipe to the 16 mm HDPE pipe lateral.
  2. Button drips – the main types of button drips in our shop are the adjustable and non-adjustable button drips. These button drips come with thicknesses of 1 and 1.3 mm. The 1mm thick button drip is more suitable for temporary usage due to its short service life. The 1.3 mm thick button drippers can endure the harsh environment and tend to last longer.
  3. Filters – to remove particles that can potentially clog the button drips.
  4. Fittings and accessories.

Why choose button drip irrigation for your pawpaws.

The initial set-up cost of a button drip irrigation can be relatively high, and many farmers would ask themselves why they should spend all that money. At Eunidrip, we can assure you that with proper maintenance, your irrigation system will significantly increase your yields. Some of the other advantages you acquire when using this pawpaw irrigation method are;

  1. Button drip irrigation delivers water to the root zone, helping in controlling weeds.
  2. There is an efficient application of fertiliser and water, saving on costs.
  3. Button drip system uses gravity to deliver water, saving on operating costs.
  4. A button dripper internal design reduces the chances of clogging.

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