Drip irrigation is a way to water plants with great accuracy that uses the least amount of water and fertilizer. This way of watering helps farmers save money on the costs of running their farms. Eunidrip Irrigation Systems is a well-known company in the country that sells fittings for drip irrigation systems. Depending on your design, we have a wide range of fittings in different sizes. We do more than just sell equipment. We also design and set up drip irrigation systems.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and high-density polyethene are the two main types of drip irrigation fittings that we sell (HDPE). What kind of fittings you choose will depend on how the drip irrigation is set up.


HDPE fittings


These fittings have been treated to stop the sun from breaking them down. They are also resistant to rust and chemicals, so they can be used with fertilizers. HDPE fittings can only be used with HDPE pipes, and they are easy to put together and keep up. Drip irrigation uses some of these HDPE fittings, such as:


Tees are used to send water in two different directions. Depending on how the inlet is made, they can be put into one of three groups. These three t-shirts are for men, women, and everyone.

Elbows: The elbow helps to change the flow direction at a 900 angle. Depending on how the inlet is made, they can also be called male, female, or equal elbows.

Adaptors: We use adaptors to connect pipes to irrigation parts like filters, ball valves, tank connectors, and venturi injectors. Depending on how they are made, they can be men or women.

We use couplings to join two HDPE pipes together. They can either be equal couplings or reducers. To raise the water pressure, we use reducing couplings.

End caps: These put a tight seal on the ends of the pipe to stop leaks.

16 mm HDPE fittings: These are what we use on the drip lines. There are off takes, end caps, rubbers, and starter connectors among these fittings. With the help of starter connectors, the drip line can be joined to the HDPE pipe. Drip-to-drip connectors help fix torn driplines, and the rubber helps keep leaks from happening at the starter connectors. End caps keep the drip line ends from leaking.

PVC fittings


For drip irrigation below the ground, PVC fittings work better. This is because most PVC materials can break down when left in the sun for a long time. To connect pipes with PVC fittings, you will need to use tangit. PVC pipes are joined together with Tangit, which is a strong glue.


Carefully apply it so that it doesn’t leak at the joints. In our shop, you can find male, female, and equal tees, male, female, and equal elbows, sockets, bushes, threaded and unthreaded ball valves, equal and reducing connectors, threaded and unthreaded end caps, nipples, and sockets.


Our prices for drip irrigation fittings are fair, and you can count on getting good equipment. Customers who want to buy our gear can do so through our online store or in person at our shop on George Morara Road in Nakuru town. If you have a question, you can call us at 0728163329.