PVC lay flat hose

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PVC lay flat hose is one of the most durable lay flat hoses in the market and  design as a standard duty hose in residential, industrial and construction applications. Basically used as water discharge hose, delivery hose, pump hose, and flat hose.

Moreover, Pvc lay flat hose is  a continuous high tensile strength polyester fiber with PVC to provide reinforcement,

PVC lay flat hose are primarily use for irrigation and water supply. Furthermore, it is perfect for use with water, light chemicals and other industrial, agricultural, irrigation, mining and construction fluids.  However, they are also popular among industries such as construction engineering for their flexible, hardwearing and lightweight properties.

PVC lay flat materials and construction.

Pvc lay flat hose pipe end points

PVC lay flat hose is a product of  continuous high tensile strength polyester fiber in order  to provide reinforcement.

The hose is in addition with aluminum, malleable or Gator Lock shank connectors or quick connects through a variety of methods, including standard hose clamps or crimp on connector.


Applications of PVC lay flat hose.

They are particularly effective at completing this task as they have a long life span and abrasion resistant, flexible and easy to transport. PVC Lay Flat Hose is a popular, durable hose which meets the demands of professional farmers everywhere. Heavy wall and high-strength polyester improve the working pressure.

Tube and cover are PVC, reinforced with 3 ply polyester yarns, one longitudinal ply and two spiral plies. Both tube/cover are extruded simultaneously to obtain maximum bonding, and mildew proof hose that rolls up flat for easy storage. Resistant to oils, grease, many chemicals, and acids supply clan water to the farms. PVC lay flat withstand low temperature, thus suitable for irrigation. The hoses are used in agricultural equipment where continuous water flow through irrigation systems is required.


  • PVC lay flat can be used for emergency services

A PVC lay flat hose can save lives. Used by firemen to deliver water to douse raging fires, the lay flat hose is an integral piece of fire safety equipment hence safety for use in emergency services. PVC lay flat hose is designed for light and heavy duty application. Also applied in Applicable in water pump, pool and spa, construction, and marine.


  • Mining and Industries to delivery of water.

PVC lay flat high strength polyester filament and quality is successively winded, weave the threads regularly and molded by plastic coated once thus applicable in industries. Additionally, with a smooth surface, high burst pressure and long service life, PVC lay flat hose is acid and alkali resistant, aging resistant, stretch resistant, anti-twist, flavorless and environmental protection.  Length Pvc lay flat hose is 100m each roll, which can transport water in long distance. Also   used as a water hose in underground mining applications.

What to consider when buying lay flat hose to use.

  • The product cost verse operational cost

PVC Lay flat’s initial cost is lower than other pipe and hose types for  drip manifolds. This makes it a popular choice for first-time growers. Most brands of lay flat are compatible with Oval Hose fittings, which makes locating compatible and affordable fittings an easy task.

  • PVC Lay flat hose durability

Lay flat is flat when not pressurized this means it not only takes up significantly less space when in storage, but it is easier and less expensive to transport compared to Oval Hose. Layflat can be rolled back up in minutes, a feat not possible with some distribution hoses; this reduces labor costs by a margin that cannot be ignored.


  • Availability of Fittings and accessories

As PVC Layflat begin to see more use in farming , industry and irrigation applications, fittings were created to solve some of the problems facing farmers who used Layflat. Leaks problems were solved with the introduction of teardrop fittings. These fittings have a large flange that is inserted into the wall of the Layflat fitting.

These tools create a perfectly sized hole and allow for proper installation. The hole created by the cutting tool should be small, precise, and free of fraying ends.

Other common fittings, such as elbows, tees, couplings, adapters, plugs and reducers, are commonly applicable with many of the same fittings  for Oval Hose. This makes locating compatible fittings easy and effortless.

  • The PVC Layflat operational Specifications

PVC layflat hose can withstand up to 40 psi in its largest sizes of 8 inches, and as high as 100 psi in its smallest 2 inches sizes. To the grower, this means more money saved as pressure reducing valves may not be needed prior to the tape runs and less risk of damage from high pressure is incurred. PVC Lay flat’s resilience has even seen it used as a protective sleeve for other pipe and hose types.  With its woven yarn and fused inner and outer walls, it can handle chemicals and conditions that can severely impair other hose or pipe types like reducing agents, acidic soil treatments and caustic fertilizers.


  • Flexibility

When pressurized, PVC Layflat hose can stretch, twist and elongate a bit. This is particularly true of the first pressurization, though it can happen on subsequent pressurizations as well. The materials used to construct Layflat have changed over the years to help with this, but it is still a frequent occurrence.  Layflat has received some criticism regarding leaking fittings, however this nearly always indicates an improper installation. When installed and used correctly, teardrop fittings provide for water tight connections; it is important to take no short-cuts with the installation of the fittings.

Handling method

Farmers prefer to pull it up and put it in bin boxes, or just roll it up in a roll and others use a pallet or half or quarter pallet depending on how much there is to roll up. Also, make sure you control rodents where you store it. Due to its unique 3-ply polyester yarn construction and simultaneous tube and cover extrusion process, this layflat hose offers high working pressures with minimal elongation and snaking.


Design Features of PVC layflat hose.

  • Lays Flat for easy, compact storage and transportation
  • Does not absorb water and is mildew proof
  • Resistant to grease, oil and many chemicals and acids
  • Reinforced with spiral plies and longitudinal synthetic cords for strength, durability, flexibility
  • UV Protected to withstand outdoor conditions and non-toxic,
  • Burst pressure 3 times working pressure.
  • This hose is very strong, yet relatively lightweight and it resists twisting and kinking.
  • PVC tube and cover of the hose extruded simultaneously to ensure maximum bonding and high quality.
  • Formulated with UV Protectors
  • Are Light weight with good flexibility and small bending radius.
  • Corrosion resistant and anti-aging.
  • Easy to handle and storage.
  • A PVC lay flat hose can work safely without fear of bursting or breaking. A constant pressure of water can be fed through the hose without any kinking reducing the water flow.
  • With the ability to resist abrasion, PVC lay flat hoses are able to withstand heavy duty use.


Design specifications of PVC lay flat hose.

  • Various colors available and of customers preferences.
  • Assemblies and/or cut lengths available.
  • Burst pressure is three times working pressure.
  • Operates at a temperature range 10o – 60°C.
  • The assemblies and or cut lengths available.
  • Design length of PVC lay flat hose is 100m each roll, which can transport water in long distance.
  • Standard length ranges  20m, 25m, 30m, 40m, 50m,100m, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft, 300ft.
  • Designed for long lasting service in heavy duty application such as mine.
  • Design temperature range is -10°C – 60°C.
  • PVC layflat hose pipe is  of Premium quality PVC tube and cover.
  • The design color is blue, brown, red, orange, black, green, yellow and so on.
  • Working pressure is 3-10bar.


Classification of PVC lay flat hose.

There are several classifications of Pvc lay flat hose depending on the weight, quality and design specifications.

  • Heavy duty PVC lay flat hose

It is non-toxic, light, without odor and transparent. Characteristics of heavy duty lay PVC flat hose include: Lightweight, flexible with small bending radius, durable against the external impact, chemical and climate. Transparent, easy to check the contents, anti-UV, anti-aging and long working life.


  • Medium duty PVC lay flat

The medium duty lay flat hose is the perfect tool for less challenging work. The tube/cover is flexible and durable PVC, reinforced with 3-ply high tensile polyester yarns, one longitudinal ply and two spiral plies.

For delivery of general liquids, including clean water, trash water, mild chemicals, industry waste water etc. an ideal lay flat hose for construction dewatering, road building, industrial backwash, water pump industries and so on.


  • PVC clear lay flat Hose

Are non-toxic, with clear PVC wall that allows full visual flow of materials, weathering resistant, and resistance to low pressure and erosion, smooth tube for resistance to collection or blockage. By adding colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose, it looks more beautiful

PVC transparent hose is  for conveying water, oil, gas under normal working condition in factories, farm, ship, building and family PVC clear lay flat are food grade, anti-erosion and anti-abrasion with long working life.


  • PVC super elasticity hose

For transfer of water, slurry, chemicals and sand. Withstand temperature range of 25o– 60°C, strong, flexible with smooth bore to promote even product flow. Resistant to crush, abrasion, and weather resistant. Suitable in cold environment.



PVC Layflat hose fittings and accessories.

Male and female coupling are the couplers in joining the hose. Typically, the female end is often  link to the water outlet and pump while the male end is fix onto the nozzle. To make the most out of your investment and give you peace of mind when using it, it is important to purchase a durable and high-quality layflat hose connector.

Advantages of PVC layflat hose.

  • Manufactured with high tensile strength  polyester fiber which makes it one of the most durable hose used in many fields.
  • Reinforced with 3 ply polyester yarns.
  • Resistant to oils and chemicals hence can be applied in agricultural fields.
  • Made of premium high quality materials reinforced with two spiral piles, hence designed for long lasting applications suitable in mining industries.
  • Acid and alkali resistant, anti-twist and environmental friendly.
  • Have longest length of 100m hence is advantageous for long distance water transportation.


Maintenance of PVC layflat hose pipe.

  • Pvc lay flat hoses should be free from twisting or sudden bending
  • When laying Pvc lay flat hoses, avoid sharp objects and various kinds of oil, lay Pvc lay flat hoses vertically to the height, use the lay flat hoses hook, lay hoses through the main road when laying Pvc lay flat hoses, should be padded Pvc lay flat hoses bridge, when passing through the railway, Pvc lay flat hoses should pass under the track. Avoid lay flat hoses broken down by wheels and intermittent water supply.
  • Regularly check the ventilation and air situation how.  so often check the situation of the vent, Agriculture Pvc layflat hose if there is a clogging phenomenon, to promptly poke open to ensure that can be used normally.